Acne Control Soap


Introducing our acne-fighting superhero: the Acne control Soap. Formulated with a powerful blend of natural ingredients, this soap is your ticket to banishing blemishes and achieving a complexion that radiates confidence. Infused with French green clay, our Acne Face Soap dives deep into pores, absorbing excess oil and impurities to leave your skin feeling fresh and revitalized.  Packed with a nourishing trio of Palm oil, Coconut oil, and Olive oil, this soap gently cleanses without stripping away essential moisture, ensuring that your skin stays balanced and hydrated.

Gently dampen your face with lukewarm water. After, begin to rub the soap directly on your face
in a circular motion, until the area is covered with soap. Avoid eyes and mouth. Rinse with lukewarm
water. dry your face.

For best results apply our Acne mist after cleansing your face with the soap.

French green clay, Palm oil, Coconut oil, Olive oil, Tea tree(Melaleuca alternifolia), Aloe Vera
Rosemary Oil(Rosmarinus officinalis), Shea butter, Lemon oil, Castor oil, Sodium hydroxide, Water.

For external use only.

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